18 December 2018:

Here is another mosaic experiment, this one starting as a ‘still life’ of CDs.


Late afternoon surf

12 December 2018:

Surf was running 2 to 4 feet late this afternoon. Getting outside was a bit hard, and this surfer was taking a break.

Canon 5D


Christmas Tree Ornaments

11 December 2018:

This Santa is now swinging merrily from the top of the tree.

Canon 5D


Mosaic Experiment

I visited the Minneapolis Institute of Art on November 21, 2018, and was inspired by a painting by Gabriel Orozco (Untitled, 2016). It was in a gallery featuring “Abstraction from Nature.” My variation on his theme is shown below. To generate this image, I am using my self-written mosaic algorithm in a new way, primarily by changing my library or source images from a duplication of the reference image to a set of diagonal gradients, resulting in tesserae that have triangular patterns within the square each tessera.


Minnesota Prairie

24 November 2018:

Upper arboretum, Carleton College, Northfield Minnesota

iPhone; Hipstamatic


C-Train Station

A mosaic of the Fourth Street C-Train station in Calgary, Alberta. Original image taken on October 18, 2018.


Peace Bridge

21 October 2018

We walked over to the Peace Bridge after dinner in Kensington so that I could photograph it at night. It is a popular spot, even on a cool Sunday evening. This bridge over the Bow river is to the east of the pedestrian bridge shown in the 18 October post.

Canon 5D


View of Banff from Sulphur Mountain

20 October 2018:

Six of us drove up to Banff from Calgary for lunch (bison burgers!!!) and a trip up the Banff gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain. It was a great trip, and not too cold. The peak is at 7,486’ and there is a wooden raised walkway to an adjacent peak that we took advantage of. Fantastic views! It was also very busy given the very nice weather.

Canon 5D


Downtown Calgary

18 October 2018:

We walked into downtown Calgary on a rather nice crisp fall morning. This is a pedestrian bridge over the Bow river.

Canon 5D


Cleaning out

12 October 2018:

We have been busy cleaning out the apartment of an elderly relative. It has been a lot of work.

Canon 5D


New Cafe

19 September 2018:

We are getting a new cafe in our neighborhood, just a few blocks from the house. This is one of a small chain of cafes, and Lily really likes them, so this is a plus for us.

I am working on a mosaic version of either this shot or maybe just one of the bug. We will see if it works.

Canon 5D



16 September 2018:

Lily brought home a full ginger plant from the farmers' market.

Canon 5D


The 110 Freeway

From the same photo walk. The mosaic version of this also turned out quite nice.

Canon 5D


Grand Park Fountain

12 September 2018:

I went on a photo excursion to downtown Los Angeles last night, and captured this image of the fountain in Grand Park.

Note the white squares in the upper right. When I first saw these, I thought it was a message from the Trisolarians (see The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu).

Canon 5D


Beach Cottage

I walked down to the end of the Hermosa pier and back late Friday afternoon. I took this portrait of a rather colorful beach cottage along the way. It is on 10th Street, very close to the Hermosa Strand and the beach.

Notice the brush hanging next to the steps to allow one to easily brush off beach sand before entering the house. I also like the very rusty thermometer hanging above the brush on the post. It does not look like it is working anymore. I wonder why that is still there?

Yes, the beach is off to the right.