Peace Bridge

Two different takes on the Peace Bridge in Calgary, Alberta.


Birks take two

28 August 2019: I am working on a new variation of a mosaic based on the Birks building in downtown Vancouver. Here is a draft constructed image as a mash-up of two reference images, one of Birks in the night (see the earlier all-night mosaic version in the Urban Mosaics section of this site) and a new image taken of Birks in daylight and in rain. The working title is ‘Jet Lag.’ I updated this image on September 1 to add more ‘dark’ tesserae on the right side.


Hike to Dog Mountain

Photo from the a hike from the Seymour ski area up to Dog Mountain lookout.


Kitsilano Craftsman Heritage Homes

We are staying in one of these heritage homes. They are Craftsman bungalows from the 1920’s. Very cool! The detail image is from a home a few blocks away that is up for sale.


Helter Skelter

As seen while having lunch at Granville and Robson in Vancouver.



We visited Zizzi Italian Restaurant in Dublin in late June at the end of the cycling trip, and we had a front-row seat near the open pizza oven. Canon AE-1, Ilford HP-5 film.


Andrea at the Lighthouse Cafe

Andrea is in Lily’s French club, and she is also a singer. She appeared this week at the famous Lighthouse Cafe in Hermosa Beach, and we went to listen. I do not normally do photography of music performers, so this was a challenge!



Storefront, Ennis, Ireland


The Kube

I made a p_filter version of “The Kube” or “The Living Room” at Claremont McKenna College.


Here is the original photo:


Pictures from a cycling tour of Ireland

Photographs taken during a cycling tour of Ireland in June can be found here:


Bay at Inishmore, Aran Islands, Ireland


I am testing an old Canon AE-1 camera to take on a summer trip. This second test roll revealed some light leaks that need to be addressed, but the recent re-calibration of the light meter and the shutter speed has paid big dividends in nicely exposed negatives. The 1980’s-vintage consumer-grade camera and lens is far behind current technology, but it does lend a certain character to the images.

Canon AE-1, 135 mm lens, Ilford HP5


Its the Madden Julian Oscillation!

14 February 2019:

Another rainy day image from early February. The Los Angeles Times todays lays the blame for all of our nice wet weather (we really need it) on the Madden Julian Oscillation in the tropical Pacific.

Canon 5D


More stormy weather

3 February 2019:

The Hermosa Pier, late afternoon.

Canon 5D


Self Portrait from summer 2016

Summer 2016:

I was busy experimenting with my aging Canon AE-1 film camera to see if it would run. It does! It does not have the sharpness of a new full frame digital SLR, but it works with no light leaks. I am considering taking it with me as my main camera on a trip this summer when I need something relatively light weight and not expensive. It was bought sometime in the late 1970’s.

Canon AE-1, Ilford Delta 400


Incoming Weather

31 January 2019:

Rain expected today through the weekend.

Canon 5D


Aeonium 'Cyclops'

29 January 2019:

These giant clusters of tiny yellow flowers appear in January.

Canon 5D


Beach Erosion

18 January 2019:

The high surf levels and winter high tides are moving a lot of sand around.

Canon 5D


Lunar Eclipse, 20 January 2019

20 January 2019:

The lunar eclipse as seen from Hermosa Beach. The exposures were 3 minutes apart, and this composite image covers about 2 hours of time. There is a discontinuity just over half-way up when I had to move the camera (and I accidentally bumped the zoom setting on the lens!).

Canon 5D